Very often you don’t have time to compose your research paper or academic essay and choose to order papers online. However, these papers are not always genuine and might not be topic specific. But once the payment is made, you can’t undo. So here are the things you must strictly scrutinise before hitting the order button.

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5 Things to keep in mind:

#1- Plagiarism free content-

This is the first and foremost task you do before buying your paper. All sites will promise you 100% unique content, but few will provide it. So it is your task to run a thorough survey before investing your time and money. Read all the comments and reviews of the site.

#2- Confidentiality-

Your ulterior motive is to achieve the degree without being penalised for authenticity. So if any of these sites are leaking your details to third parties, you’re sued. Therefore, read the deed of agreement very carefully before sending the details of your research.

#3- Value for money-

Not all customers are looking for research papers, so the price should vary according to the scholarly content. The substance of school magazine’s essay will vary immensely from a PhD paper. So do not pay an amount for an admission essay that could buy you a bunch of research papers from another service provider.

#4- Professional Writers-

Buy from companies that hire professional writers and not newbies. Professional writers charge higher fees per article. So it’s easier and convenient for young companies to hire freshers. Ask for a database of the hired writers and check for their reputation in creating high-quality writings.

#5- On Time Delivery-

Delayed delivery is the worst that can happen to you. Most companies don’t maintain punctuality and often send papers after the scheduled date. So check the history of the company in keeping deadlines. Or, to be on a safer side, mention a date at least a week before your final submission.

If you follow the above guidelines, you’re not likely to go wrong with your ordered papers. To make your search easier, and for 100% unique, plagiarism free and high-quality essays, check out sites like