You may not believe but the social media has a very close impact with the online shopping. As we know with the advancement in science and technology the social media is the one that had a huge impact on everyone’s life. There are many social networking sites that have come into existence. And internet, as we know is a hub of technology. You would say how the social media is related with the online shopping?  The answer would be through the purpose of advertisements. All the shopping sites promote their product online. They take the help of social networking sites like facebook. You may have observed that when you scroll the facebook, you get some suggestions regarding the products that you have viewed on the shopping sites. Now how do the facebook get this information? How does the facebook know what types of clothes and what shopping sites are you visiting? The answer to this question is through network and through some technical terms. Even when you search for some plus voucher code online, the next time the social media will provide you the suggestions to have the code from different sites. It is because the site you used has got you ip address and will then suggest you the similar products and links so that you can buy them.


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But you must always go for what you actually like. All these suggestions and much more are limited to only technical terms. They can’t book the order by themselves. You need to be careful while shopping online. And if you want to get coupons then you can follow sites like You can get many coupons related to food, clothing, decoration, home, furniture and much more. But try to surf authorised sites only. Have a safe and strong password so that your account won’t get attacked on any site.