In whole world mostly everyone love watches but some people purchase the perfect watch according to their wrist size and others can’t buy perfect watch according to their wrist size. So here today’s​ discussion on buying a perfect watch according to wrist size. Those who want to buy a perfect perfect watch read this article till end.

How a person should fit watch on their wrist?

A person needs a perfect watch for their wrist. Before buying a watch person should check the watch size it means the size of watch not so big when person wear the watch  shouldn’t be move also shouldn’t wear too tight watch. In too tight watch person feel uncomfortable and all time their concentration is on wrist. Buy a comfortable watch.

What size person purchase for small and large wrist respectively?

If a person has small wrist then 36 – 39 mm is best size for their wrist. But if a person has large wrist then 40 – 42mm is best for their wrist size.

Which dial is best between round or rectangle?

In worldwide many people like round dial instead of rectangle because they look simple and classy. Many experts believe that round face dial capture more market than rectangular one and say that it looks more elegant than rectangle dial.

How to choose correct band matches person skin tone?

It doesn’t matter what person skin colour is he has. One thing matter that is band match’s dial. The watch should look decent, elegant at same time.

Wear watch according to clothes and where a person want to go means person can’t wear sporty watch with formal clothes it looks odd. Who want to gather more information about wrist watches then go wrist critic page and site is