has put the net worth of Jim Parsons at $30 million. He is a voice actor and an actor. However the name Jim Parsons may not be as familiar to most households as the name Doctor Sheldon Cooper – the eccentric yet brilliant mind on The Big Bang Theory.

As per richestcelebrities Jim has worn several awards including a primetime Emmy, the Kids Choice award, Gloden Globe, TCA Award and more. All due to the fact that he so gets immersed in the role that it is hard for you to realize that he is playing a part and not really the character that he is portraying on the screen. This is best seen for his most beloved and best known role in the Big Bang Theory – that of Sheldon Cooper. Though he has acted and lent his voice for various productions.


He owns a house in Manhattan and lives there with his partner Todd Alan Spiewak. However what you may not know of Jim Parsons is that theatre has been close to his heart from his young days and he was involved with theatre from school.


He is one of the few richest celebrities who chooses to drive as he gets nauseated in cars and hates motion sickness. He also is a pianist and has taken piano courses for 14 years as well as was voted in school as the friendliest man.


Jim is one of the stars who officially is gay and came out of the closet in 2012. He is public about his relationship since then and even has taken to social media to celebrate his 14 year anniversary.


Thanks to the Big Bang Theory, he took home earnings of $25.5 million in 2016 and this was well worth having to mouth scientific words and explanations and having to remember those lines.