Real estate has always been a great option for investment. Throughout the world it is the primary choice for stable and rewarding returns. A great source of generating income as well as rise in the value of property makes it the best option for long term investment. Even celebs want to capitalize their income in this sector. A lot of celebs have invested in this area.

With fortunes at stake as information extracted from it is equally important to safeguard their money and let it grow. With no provident fund scheme for them in their respective business, taking wise decisions regarding their income is highly important.


celebrity net worth


Most of them prefer to buy a luxurious and palatial houses or mansions which not only provide extravagant living but also a secured investment option. Recently singer Taylor swift has invested into a Beverly Hills mansion costing her a whopping $25 million. She had bought it from film producer Samuel Goldwyn son. The mansion was owned by him, legal heir to the property.

Another example is of Beckhams who have shelled out 27 million pounds on the property in Gloucestershire. The huge mansion is dated back to the 17th century and is spread on 22 acres of land. The huge fortune owned by such celebs made public by celebritynetworth proves that it is absolutely necessary to invest such huge amount.

The real estate has been a source of income for some celebs as well. With Airbnb offering such accommodations, one gets an opportunity to stay in houses once a home of their favorite celeb. For example apartment owned by Charlie Chaplin in LA charges $120 per night. This particular place was also featured in the “apartment therapy” and also claims that Rudolph Valentino too stayed here at one point of time.

So real estate is still able to hold it position as the top priority till date.