The human brain although weighs nearly about 1.6 kg but it is a well known fact that brain functions continuously to keep the human body alive by performing various functions within the body. The various functions are mastered over by one major function of brain, i.e., the coordination process among all the organs of the human body for better performance of body mechanisms.

The neurotransmitters inside the brain carry chemicals that stores information and move throughout the body after taking instructions from the human brain and the hub of all human nerves that is the spinal cord. Every response to stimulus is performed with the help of neurons for they transmit information so swiftly to the human brain that is really becomes an eye blinking action for the person to perform.




Limitations of the human brain

Besides requiring a regular supply of oxygen for surviving, the human brain requires rich nutrients to keep functioning for it is the master organ of the human body that coordinates and controls all the functions of body.

However if there is lack of such nutrients in the supply, then the brain starts retarding the acceleration of its function and becomes lethargic forcing the human body to react in a similar way, providing low productivity to the person. The body becomes vulnerable to foreign attack from diseases and hence becomes unhealthy.


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