Investment in the residential or commercial property is not something that one must take to for becoming rich quickly. It has been seen that one can make some good cash by buying and selling houses in a flip but that is only possible if that accounts for your full time business. But, if you do something else and want to invest your hard earned money for a long term then this is a long term thing and you need to be patient to make money in real estate through alistpartners

You can profit from real estate in many ways


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Most of the real estate investments by amateurs are made only with the purpose of getting better returns when one sells them. This is a great thinking but there are many ways of getting returns from the real estate. This is for sure that people will need a shelter to live and for that they will have to pay for. So if you are investing in real estate you must bear in mind that you can get profit not only when there is appreciation in the price of the property but also by renting it out.

How to calculate the profit

While calculating the profits that you make by renting out the property must be calculated by subtracting the various types of expenditures associated with the property such as

  • The mortgage amount that you have to pay per month
  • The expenses that you have to make on the repairs
  • The expenses that go into the advertising for the property
  • The legal fees that you have to pay
  • The expenses related to book keeping etc.

All this really adds up to a big amount and you have to make sure that the profit is almost 10% of the mortgage otherwise there is no point investing in the property.