The website is the intermediary which provide information to the information gatherer and information provider which is provided by web owner. The website can be devoted to either one topic or multiple topics. A website like provides information about the net worth any celebrities have.

It is a common topic which is browsed by many people. Fans follow their favorite actor or actress all the time. This helps them to get detail about the latest trend. They follow their hairstyle, clothes, shoes etc. they want to know the earning and total asset their favorite star have, so they dream to become as big they are. This causes an increase in traffic in sites like It is very important to control this traffic as it will lead to gaining popularity and thus earn more money.

celeb net worth

Tips to control traffic in the website

  1. Avoid heavy videos and audios on your site

Videos and audios make the page heavy and thus increase the loading time of the website. If a number of the user clicking to load the site at a time increases, it causes loading time to increase manifold and user will stop loading this page and visit another page for information. Thus earning will be affected.

  1. Improve coding –

Try to make the code as simple as possible. Remove unnecessary lines, comments etc you have written while making it so that debugging of this lines can be avoided and running of codes will be faster and complexity of codes will be less. When you are preparing the codes, try to put CSS in an external file and call it whenever required. It will increase the speed of web page download in a computer or laptop.