In business of information technology, the organizations are working for two purpose; one two share resources and other to share information. The entire business is about sharing two things. For example and software development companies sell software means providing right to customer to use the software in return of some consideration. So it is resource sharing and secondly the BLOGOTECH type websites or organizations that serve the customers by way of sharing information. The entire game is about serving the customer and delivering quality to customer.

How the company communicates with customers

The blog o tech provides various tricks and tips to utilize the applications up to its full capacity. It guides not only the people rather provides information about the various social media company and the intention of their owners. It helps the companies and business persons to grow their businesses by sharing unique information. It has a platform or blog i.e.  through which the company communicates with the users and other persons.


It has a very customer friendly interface over the website where one can get all the solutions about its problems. It helps the other business organizations to make right policies by providing them useful and valuable insights in to the business strategic issues and their solutions. It helps them to collaborate more creatively and to take their startups to new heights.

How to utilize the social media applications for other purposes

Social media applications are built to have in touch with nears and dears and to maintain healthy relations with our friends. In general, people use it for the said purpose but the reality is much vast. These application can use for many other purposes like online earning, publicity, advertising, branding and making links. BLOG O TECH helps us to know how to use the application for these purposes and take full advantages of social media applications.