When people suffer from disabilitiesthey may find that normal tasks too seem exceedingly difficult for them. It is for this reason that there are sites such as imed mobilitywhich offer various kinds of mobility equipment to help these people to go about their normal day and to do normal tasks much better than they would have otherwise been able to accomplish.

imed mobility

Here are a few mobility aids which are offered by numerous sites including imed mobility. These are :

  1. Stair lifts : These are used for people who are unable or find it exceedingly difficult to walk up stairs. Therefore, for them, stair lifts can be installed in their own home. There are different kinds of stair lifts which are available. The first kind consists of one where you can stand on, the second type of these stair lifts allow wheelchairs to be taken up and the third model is a chair which can be sat upon.
  2. There are several persons who inspite of their disabilities still want to be independent. For them there are electric scooters. These allow them to travel for miles and even do their own shopping.
  3. Wheelchairs are of various designs, types and come in a variety of colors. Some people may even choose to customize their wheelchair. There are different kinds which are available too including ones for sport, for those that can get into cars and there are even electric ones which are available.
  4. Frames and rollators are used by people who have difficulty in walking and are not stable as well. These equipment help to improve the person’s quality of life. The basic frames are those that need to be lifted and moved when walking. The rollators are those that have wheels and move.