A router is mere a computer networking device that helps to connect the terminals with the internet or in other we can say that helps to forward the data packets sent by the home computer to the destination mention over the address part of the packet. It is a box like device that as the name suggests provide or guides the route or path to be followed by the data packet. It is connected to many networks and when any data packets reports to any router it read the final destination address and forward it towards the appropriate path or route. Details are provided on  https://www.router-reset.com/en/reset-manuals/D-Link

router reset

Technical issues related to router

The whole computing consists of so many machines and networks and there are plenty of chances that these machines or networks stop working due to one or the other technical issues. Similarly routers sometimes stop working and don’t perform the operations thus these are needed to be reset so that the issues can be sort out automatically. As the website www.router-reset.com/en/reset-manuals/D-Link also suggests that when we reset the router its processing starts from beginning and it is in position to solve the issues on their own.

Reset v/s rebooting

Reset and rebooting are different concepts. Generally people use the words interchangeably but technically the words are not same in computing sense. When you reboot the router it no doubt clears the memory and the tasks performed but it doesn’t have any relation with the settings of the router

On the other hand reset involves rebooting plus other functions that is it cleasr the memory and the RAM in which all the settings are saved and when we reset the router it sets the router to its default settings and put it in position to sort out the issues involved in its working.  Thus, as per the model of your router you can follow specific instructions to reset your device.