Here it is the review of websites like Tentipper on two of the sitcom series giants, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. With a growing number of sitcoms, people need a vendor to turn to. However, who among, these 2 are suitable to wear the crown?



To the biggest provider out there, Netflix gave the public something new. Something that they could look up to and even came up with series that would change the way we say sitcoms. The series included are House of Cards, the Marvel Defenders series from Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist and many more.

Not only does Netflix have its own archive of some of the greatest shows but the original series is something of a different caliber. From the intense drama Narcos, all the way to bringing back Full House as Fuller Hose, Netflix has taken all aspects into consideration.


The pricing is a lot more than Amazon Prime, and as for the reviews given by Ten tipper pricing policy, it’s still worth it. A lot of new series including Stranger things as well as movies are making their way through to the public through Netflix. A monthly subscription could enable you to see tuning into Netflix. Plus you get to choose your devices.


Amazon Prime Video

Just as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video gives you the greatest sitcoms and series of all time. The archives include Seinfeld, 2 and a half men, Mad Men and more. Amazon Prime not only comes at a much cheaper rate but also gives you the chance to get Prime services on your shopping.

Amazon Prime’s yearly subscription gives you access to more than you could ever ask for. Movies to sitcoms, Amazon Prime, are very area based. Standup comedians put out specials based on area, and that is a great way to build local talent.

Overall, review websites like Tentipper have to say it depends on you. Every series is different, and honestly, there’s still HBO to worry about.